Travel Production

United Travel is a company offering a unique B2B2B product, meeting the requirements of nowadays dynamic and global travel market. 

The advantages of all tools that are used nowadays in every travel agency are combined and supplemented by unique opportunities and the best service:

  • System feasibility, reliability, and security are guaranteed by the most state-of-the-art highly efficient technologies, designed by leading travel-industry software-developers.

  • Smart and convenient work process:
    • Individual services and tour packaging allow you to select a hotel or a flight-only or you use the innovative dynamic packaging functionality to compile several services in a package for individual clients or groups.
    • Convenient filter system helps to select the best offers based on the implemented parameters to make the final choice.
    • Full access to the generated orders, such as changes and cancellation of services in a package and/or booking of additional services.
    • Automatic notification about all actions in the system, such as booking, cancellation, modification, payment reminder 3, 2, and 1 day prior to the booking expiration day and time.
  • Streamlined document flow and convenient payment options:
    • Maximum number of payment methods: payment kiosks, bank transfer, payment from deposit, or trust-based payment;
    • Flexible payment schedule within the terms of a provider;
    • Automated refund process to a deposit or bank account;
    • Automatic generation of the agent's reports and invoices;
  • Documents print-out after final payment: vouchers for each service, itinerary receipt, insurance certificate, and others.
  • Considerate client service:
    • A free multi-line phone number for regional agencies;
    • Prompt online assistance;
    • Training, workshops, advisory sessions, webinars.


Primary objectives of the United Travel's production processes are the increase of sales and turnover, reduction of costs, streamlining travel agency business processes and providing a maximum of opportunities for the customers.