United Travel is a forward-thinking high technology company, striving for constant innovations.

Our international team develops highly efficient up-to-date solutions for the travel industry and represents a high level of expertise in connection with the challenges and operational standards of the international travel market.

The production and consistent development of a high-end travel services do need our innovative solutions and technologies.

United Travel Booking System

The unique booking-system, developed by the company combines high functionality and technological capacities with usability and an intuitive interface.

Our system guarantees travel agencies the access to a maximum range of travel services, top conditions and thousands of providers worldwide, which were traditionally available only for the biggest international tour operators.

The innovative dynamic packaging technology enables travel agency managers to create the best possible package of services based on the given parameters right in front of his customer in real-time mode.

Therefore, the United Travel booking system streamlines the entire work cycle of a travel agency: from services/providers search and an individual creation of tours to the convenient payment and document processing.

Contracting System

The scale of United Travel’s product range base on an enhanced contracting technology.

The company combines travel services from the global databases of the largest international providers, consolidators and distribution systems, as well as the impressive volume of exclusive services from local and specialized providers in connection with excellent conditions.

Therefore, already today the United Travel booking system offers the widest range of travel services from the major international providers, which keeps growing constantly.

Service and Support

The booking system is smart and simple at the same time. Nonetheless, United Travel provides high-capacity back-up user support.

To increase the capacity and efficiency of our client services, the company uses the most cutting-edge telecommunication technologies and equipment.