United Travel Quality Policy

Our major goal is to create a tool which is as efficient and as convenient as possible for the everyday use by tour operators and travel agencies.

To achieve this goal the company has implemented a quality management system, which enables us to verify the compliance of every stage and every component of business within strict standards.

Internal Processes

United Travel is an accredited agent of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and registered as a tour operator.

The company's booking system is a one-of-a-kind innovation-driven software environment. The leading software developers and programmers work on its functionalities and further development every day.

The constant implementation of new functionalities, technical innovations and cutting-edge technologies is aimed to prevent failures, increase processes stability, and the company’s travel product quality.

An important component of United Travel’s success are our employees, who are not only required to meet high qualification requirements but also the expectations of being passionate about their work and personally involved and engaged in the working processes of the company.

Focus on Customer

In our company, the constant monitoring and systematic analysis of our customers’ current and prospective future requirements and expectations is established.

Therefore, our technological improvements and quality developments are first aiming at the growth of the objective satisfaction levels with our product and services.

We provide support for the travel agencies: multi-line phone numbers and online technologies enable a simple and quick access to support services, while our inhouse call center is always available to render assistance or provide competent advice on any arising issues to our partners and their customers during their trips.


United Travel offers unique opportunities to expand distribution channels with an excellent reach to target new clients for airline companies, hotels, DMC’s, and any other company involved in the travel industry.

An efficient ‘providers’ selection system has been created in the company. It is based on the mutual benefit and constant improvement principles in compliance with the requirements, outlined in the current travel industry quality standards.

All these examples justify the qualification of United Travel for a leading position in the innovative tour operating market generally, and specially in regard to individual service components, such as product range, feasibility, and service.